Open Solicitation

The Arkansas NASA EPSCoR Program Office, in preparation for the NASA Cooperative Agreement Notice (CAN), solicits white papers for the pending National NASA EPSCoR Competition. These will result in a competitive ranking of the projects proposed for the Technical Advisory Board (TAC) of the Arkansas NASA EPSCoR Program. It is expected that the highest ranking white paper will be invited to submit the full technical proposal for the jurisdiction in the national competition.

The Arkansas NASA EPSCoR Program solicits proposals for Collaborative Research Program (CRP) Proposals. Faculty from our affiliates are encouraged to apply for these funds. Please see the program solicitation below for more details.

The Arkansas NASA EPSCoR Program solicits proposals for Travel Awards and ASGC/RID Bridge Graduate Fellowship Awards. Faculty and students of all Arkansas institutions of higher education are eligible for consideration for these awards. Women, minorities and other under-represented groups will be given special consideration. There will be fifteen (15) travel awards and twelve (12) ASGC/RID Bridge Graduate Fellowship Awards funded. Please see the programs solicitations for more details.

About ASGC


Arkansas Space Grant Consortium (ASGC) began operations March 1, 1990. ASGC Includes 17 four-year universities and colleges throughout Arkansas. Our primary goal is to educate and familiarize faculty, undergraduate and graduate students with aerospace and related industries. Following NASA's footsteps, we conduct programs to familiarize and motivate K-12 students with the STEM related courses needed to enter aerospace activities at colleges and universities to prepare them to enter high tech white-collar and blue-collar professions in high-tech industries.


Actively promote the involvement of the State of Arkansas in NASA activities.

Strategic Plan

Create on campuses of the scientifically and technically oriented four-year institutions of higher education in Arkansas an awareness of NASA activities and research opportunities.

Develop at those institutions new aerospace educational activities and research capabilities and activities.

Recruit and train faculty and students to participate in those developed educational and research programs.

Provide programs directed to K-12 schools and the general public that create a greater awareness of NASA’s mission and programs.

Methods of Implementation: Increase Arkansas higher education institutions’ involvement in NASA activities by providing research infrastructure grants to faculty to promote networking between those faculty and NASA scientists. Provide addition “seed” support as necessary to promote a continuing program for those faculty and NASA scientists.

Increase the number of students interested in pursuing careers in aerospace related areas by providing graduate fellowships and undergraduate scholarships to qualified students, which involve direct interaction between NASA and the students.

Develop outreach programs for K-12 teachers.

Support aerospace lectures for Arkansas College/University faculty and students, as well as the general public.

Supported Programs:

  • Faculty research infrastructure grants
  • Student scholarships (undergraduates)
  • Student fellowships (graduate students)
  • Workforce development (undergraduates)
  • STEM Underrepresented Minority (research and educational projects can be supported with STEM funding

All students and teachers are encouraged to submit proposals to receive funding for a NASA relevant research project.