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  • ASGC Meetings/NASA EPSCoR TAC Meetings

    On the third Friday of each month of the academic year, starting in September and ending in March, ASGC holds its monthly meetings. The meetings start at 2 PM. Meetings are cancelled only for sever icing, snow, or similar weather conditions. The NASA AR TAC, the NASA EPSCoR Technical Advisory Committee, meets via called sessions held at 1 PM before the regularly scheduled ASGC meeting. These are held at least once in the fall and once in the spring semesters.

  • Symposium

    Every year, awardees of an ASGC grant must present their research at the end of the year Symposium. Normally, it is held in April. Time and place will be announced in January. It is an opportunity for researchers and students to show the progress they have made on their proposals. There are oral and poster presentation options available.
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    Past Symposiums

  • 2014 Symposium - Hot Springs Convention Center