Lamar Elementary K12 Grant Project

Lamar Elementary teachers were the recipients of a K12-Outreach grant from ASGC entitled "A Journey Through the Solar System." Here are some photos from the first grade classrooms at Lamar Elementary School. Dr. Itza from University of the Ozarks visited the classrooms to speak about the Hertzsprug-Russell diagram, a plot of stars characteristics. Observe in one of the photos the solar system magnets one of the teachers used to teach about the solar system, aided with marker drawings of the dwarf planets. Three classrooms were visited with two classes in each one, a total of 121 first graders heard about temperature, color, and sizes of stars.


Lamar Elementary held an online conference with Dr. Todd White on February 26, 2015. "Todd White is a Research Scientist with ERC, Inc at NASA Ames Research Center. He designs the heatshields that protect NASA's planetary exploration missions from the extreme temperatures of atmospheric entry."

Todd answered questions from the first graders about his work and space. The conference was possible with the help of the principal Mrs. Pam Terry and the personnel from the IT Department from Lamar.


The ASGC office sends a special thanks to Dr. Salomon Itza (University of the Ozarks), the Lamar Elementary First Grade Teachers-Ms. Brandy Freyaldenhove, Ms. Amy Hamlett, and Ms. Deanna Bates, Dr. Todd White (NASA Ames Research Center), Everyone involved from Lamar Elementary, the parents of the first graders, and of course the first graders themselves for allowing this project to be successful!